Changing Lives – One Pair Of Sandals At A Time

Made from recycled car tyres, the BODO Sandal is not only good for the planet. When you ‘Buy One’, we ‘Donate One’ to someone in need

At BODO’s very beginning, the team got together to brainstorm all the ideas they had to ensure that the BODO Sandal was the very best eco-shoe around and that it lead the way in the ethical fashion market.

The inspiration to use recycled car tyres to form the BODO sole came about very early on. The BODO team felt it was an ingenious idea for several different reasons.

Research shows that developed countries produce thousands of tonnes of used car tyres every year, the UK alone produces approximately 450,000 tonnes. Tyres do not decompose naturally and pose numerous threats to the environment. They are a significant fire risk and when burnt release various harmful carcinogens into the atmosphere. The EU Landfill Directive of 2003 banned the dumping of used car tyres in landfills, and since then illegal fly-tipping has increased dramatically and costs the UK taxpayer over £2million every year.

So, by using materials from recycled car tyres to form the sole of the BODO sandal, the BODO team felt that they would be helping to make a difference to our environment by tackling a major ecological problem. Using a recyclable material, (which is, quite clearly in global abundance) meant that the BODO Sandal would go some way towards being one of the most ethical shoes available.

Another reason that the BODO team opted to use recycled car tyres for sole of their eco-shoe was their sheer durability in various different terrains. Most tyre manufacturers will guarantee the tread on their product for approximately 30,000 miles, yet you cannot buy a pair of shoes that offer a warranty for anything like that kind of mileage. In fact, most of us will wear out the sole on normal shoes in less than a year. The BODO team wanted their ethical shoe, not only to be environmentally friendly, but also, to last the distance.

This is ethical fashion at its most effective: When you buy a pair of BODO Sandals, you are not only helping someone in a poverty stricken community, but also doing something to help protect our precious planet.

Making a massive name for itself in the ethical fashion market, The ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept is a relatively new way of making a charitable donation to someone living in poverty, someone who does not have access to many of the things we take for granted every single day.

It is a simple, yet highly effective idea, which works on the foundation of transaction-based giving. The customer buys a product and someone less fortunate receives the same product for free. The concept has worked successfully for companies like ‘One World Futbol’, ‘Blanket America’ and ‘Baby Teresa’, who have since inspired many similar projects.

Our research showed that in several poverty stricken countries, children would not be allowed to enter school if they did not have footwear, adults trying to earn a living to provide for their children suffered serious injuries and health problems due to a lack of footwear damaging their chances of generating an income. BODO wanted to do something to help stop this vicious cycle continuing, and that is why we were inspired to create the BODO Sandal, an ethical shoe, for one and for all.

The BODO team wanted to make a real difference in the ethical fashion market and therefore opted to use recycled car tyres to make the sole of the BODO sandal, thus doing our bit for the environment too. Our goal is to give you a funky, fashionable and comfy eco shoe that your feet, the environment, and the person living in poverty who receives them, will be thankful for.

The BODO team felt choosing the ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept to market our ethical shoe, would be the best way to see our product reach the highest number of people in dire need of footwear, because, instead of asking for something for nothing (i.e. a charitable donation) we would be offering the consumer a stylish, good quality, environmentally friendly eco shoe for their money.

The ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept is the driving force behind our product, the BODO Sandal – that is why the team decided to use the first initial of each word to give our company its name.

The BODO Mission

BODO has a mission, that mission is driven by two goals:

  • One goal is to provide durable and practical footwear to people living in poverty stricken communities.
  • The other is to create a funky and fashionable eco-shoe, that everyone will love wearing.

The BODO Team decided that they could meet these goals simultaneously by using the ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept to market the BODO Sandal.

BODO Targets and Goals

Within the next year, BODO are aiming to have their product, the BODO Sandal on the shelves of some of the largest retailers in both the USA and Europe, as well as selling the product directly from their own website and the websites of other ethical fashion retailers.

Once sales of the BODO Sandal begin, BODO intend to donate their product to some of the most vulnerable people in Africa, South America and The Caribbean, where research has shown that children in some of the most poverty stricken areas are prohibited from entering schools without footwear. This is one of the main problems which BODO wants to do their bit to eliminate.